And finally D.I.Y in my ‘spare’ time

D.I.Y. means do it yourself and I did and what a relief I’ve finally done my kitchen but there’s just one thing…My son helped and left his handy work for me to fix up. Oh, the trials and tribulations!


He had a seizure and bam I got myself an instant ‘mini’ open plan kitchen unit for free right in the middle of tiles (Luckily at the top). They are all the ‘rage’ you know…He’s started a new kitchen trend wouldn’t you know:)) P.S. it’s copyrighted. And I have always wanted to learn the plastering trade…Do you think it would look good with a LED light strip and a picture of a goldfish?

Anyway besides all that here is my kitchen (almost) finished..Mostly finished?


Yep, I need to tidy up and it’s normal in this house to have a Christmas Tree in the background in June. I have done 22 cupboards and 11 draws. This is just a small part of it. I will show ‘the full affect once I’ve clear up properly. This is just a taster.

and I found myself 1 knob short on another unit (story of my life) so I’ve had to order another one. If only it was always that simple:))


I could do with a new fridge but it’ll have to wait. I think if I get some more fridge magnets I might just get away with it?

BeFunky Collage30

Let there be light…I was talked into this one when I needed a new bulb. It’s pretty good as you get all the colours on the pad dim and bright options. BeFunky Collage.jpgx

Including a ‘normal’ clear light.



T’other end of the room.



and there’s more…Big Tings happening elsewhere too…More projects in the pipeline.

Exciting Things…I always wanted to be a designer and now I am…

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