The Yepsters system.

There are far too many carers out there becoming yepsters. These are people who say yes when they have no means and aren’t allowed the right to say no.  The reason for this is because most of the services are all into being nopesters in most cases and it’s far easier to be a yepster than to go against those constantly saying no to us.

In the long term though it just causes frustration either way if you say yes and carry on plodding on unhappily or if you say no and fight the system. Whichever way the services will ‘buy’ time by saying a constant no. They will ignore if you say no to them and try their uttermost to go about browbeating you into submission if possible. It is not easy being a carer in this day and age.

Even paid carers are finding it difficult in this day and age. Mostly on minimum wage, many forced into a job which is difficult and they are not paid enough for what they actually do or what is expected of them. Again there isn’t an opt-out clause for many who can’t just give up their job or they will be the victim of the state until they can find other work. Being a victim of the State is actually worse than doing a job which is underpaid.

All unpaid carers are victims of the State or will be sooner or later in a career that is often not exactly what they intended to do but many find themselves placed in the position of doing so. Once you have less income than you need to live on then you are very vulnerable to the abuse of the system especially from those who are being paid the do certain jobs for the System which aren’t included in the job description. Nevertheless, they do seem to get great satisfaction from not helping even when these workers are trained and paid to do so. It seems to me that part of the criteria to get a job working as a social worker, for example, is to have the ability not to do the job trained for but instead to be versatile enough to ‘save funding’ at the expense of service users.

Social worker managers, in particular, seem to have it drummed into social workers or anyone under them that the terminology ‘service user’ is someone who is out ‘to use’ a service for personal gain and should be at all costs prevented from doing so. These obnoxiously overpaid bullies are deciding with prejudice not to help most clients put forward to them. Many of them are control freaks who know they are doing wrong but don’t care less about any consequences to the little people (service users and their carers) unless they get ousted by the services itself many years later which doesn’t happen very often unless ‘the little people’ decide to stand up for themselves.

9 times out of 10 they don’t  stand up for themselves as they think they will be victimized. The truth of this is they will anyway regardless of whether they are a yepster of a nopester. Just being a ‘service user’ is enough to be victimized these days. ”Don’t be a service user then” doesn’t come into the equation as now as most people are realizing at some point they will have to become an unpaid carer in their lives.



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