Virgin Media what a disgrace

As if life is not complicated enough caring for a son with disabilities. My son has been pretty unsettled in the past few days all thanks to Virgin Media.

Yes, this is a company who provide broadband, tv packages & home phone services or in my case no they haven’t. Since August 2016 I discovered that my connection to these services was in fact on my neighbour’s property. This is a neighbour who had wisely changed provider more than a decade before.

Since August 2016 I discovered that my connection to these services was in fact on my neighbour’s property. This is a neighbour who had wisely changed provider more than a decade before.

After discovering that my connection was cut Virgin Media came out and couldn’t fix it properly so instead made a temporary fix. Of course, this meant intermittent services going on and off all the time.

However every month they billed me for the whole services in full which I only put up with because my son is housebound and reliant on the Tv services in particular which are supposed to be a so-called ‘full house’ service but more of the half empty kind of service.

Virgin Media promised a full permanent fix by November last year. Their excuse for the wait was because there was a waiting list for specialist engineers. Come November that still hadn’t happened no-one came out to fix.

At the end of November last year my son suffered a bad seizure which required an ambulance and I found myself in a position where I couldn’t phone one as I found my home phone line was completely dead. This was in the middle of the night. So to make sure that never happened again and in the absence of any movement from Virgin Media to rectify their connection problem at my property I had to take out a mobile phone contract for my son’s safety.

In January/ February their engineers arrived and left and I discovered my phone line was completely inoperable. One of Virgin Medias lazy engineers had buried the temporary fix underground and had disconnected my phone line completely. Virgin Media continued to issue full bills even though they were aware of the situation. After phoning they would offer just 15 pounds off the 80 odd pound full bill. Bearing in mind all my other services were also still disrupted I spoke to customer services and complained about the length of time taken so far to put the problem right. This was in March this year.

The manager I spoke to at the time offered the month free of charge. However, Virgin Media re-billed within a month later complete with an extra 10-pound charge for what they said was ‘late payment’.


The customer service manager was appalling I spoke with about this. I waited 1 hour and 30 minutes on my mobile to get hold of him. He didn’t care less or that I had been a Virgin Media customer for well over 19 years. I gave Virgin Media notice of leaving them at the end of the call to be informed by this cocksure manager I would be charged for another 30 days. Then as soon as I got off the phone I had no services at all.

All weekend I tried phoning Virgin Media but all their staff wouldn’t  allow me to get the matter sorted out denying me access to their faults team on the basis I am leaving Virgin Media.

My son has been very anxious this weekend due to not having his music channels and it’s all thanks to Virgin Media. So from me & him, it’s a massive thumbs down to a disgraceful service from them which has affected my son’s wellbeing.

Thankfully tomorrow a new provider will be installing a new tv service. Virgin Media can also enjoy the complaint I’ve completed to the ombudsman 😜

It would also be great if Virgin Media arranged to removed their ‘fat ox’ green hosepipe connection they have just left sitting the whole length of my drive on my property like a grass snake. Complete & utter jokers. I for one will not be filling Virgin Media employees bellies anymore. This Company must have already had near on 15,000 since I signed up over 19 years ago and they’ll be getting no more either.



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