The Journal

I started a Journal come Diary on 7th January 2017 on ‘The Carer’s Trust” site, but they ‘don’t care anymore’ and are closing the site in a weeks time so I’m copying my writings here with a continuation of mainstream blogging afterward.


Everyone has a Journey as a carer…some people’s Journey will remain in the past with bitterness from experience and others will move on with their Journey and try to get the best out of it.

Right now I’m focused on getting my son’s care back on track…that’s going to be a Journey in itself…and I’m not fearful of Travel any way…I’m travelling right now to find an agency to fit the bill..I’m grateful at the moment I have the backing of the team for him & for them allowing me to do it My Way without consequences….

They obviously have faith in my abilities to do what’s necessary… secure the best for my son…That makes me feel good about myself right now…and that’s just about all I need to carry on This Journey both as carer & me as a person…Knowing I’m doing it all right keeps me going..

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